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On Saturday 31st of August 2019, 120 members from Southwark and beyond gathered together to take part in the The Rivals Community Games. There were lots of events including; Boxing, Zorb Ball and a 5-a-side Football Tournament, in which participants competed to win points for their team. After a day of fun, excitement and competitiveness, the Red Team were eventually crowned The Rivals Community Games Champions 2019.

“It was amazing to see the community turn out in full force. To witness adults and young people from various backgrounds, ethnicities and genders competing and working together was something really special. We are especially grateful to Tesco Bags of Help for funding The Rivals Community Games this year. Without their vital support, this type of event would not be possible.”

- Andrew Mongi (Founder, Train Station)

“I have been following Train Station for quite a while now and was pleasantly amazed to see the mixed crowd of participants and on lookers. A splendid day, well organised and very well attended. Fun day for whole families. Group boxercise was hilarious for me and I’m so happy my team won! I’m preparing for next year from now.”



“Being part of the Train Station family has had such a positive impact on my lifestyle overall. The team work and the healthy competition has shown me I can achieve anything I put my mind to, by myself or with in a team. That’s why the Rivals Community Games was truly amazing. The atmosphere, the food and the challenges were on point! Thank you so much for organising such an awesome event, because I truly believe it had a positive impact on all who attended from the local community. I can’t wait to defend the trophy next year”

- leah (attendee, red team)

“What a great day. Even as a pensioner, I was included, able to participate, have fun and a good laugh with a diverse group of people -taking part in a variety of activities and challenges. Bring on the next one!”

- clara (attendee, red team)

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We would love your support to help us in deliver more events that bring the community together and inspire them to make better choices in regard to their health and fitness.

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