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Sunday 11th and Friday 16th – Sunday 18th August 2019


We have partnered with Impact (a youth organisation based in South London) who run an annual retreat for young people. This is a high intensity weekend residential, bringing together young people from diverse backgrounds to bond through activity, communication and faith.

Primarily aimed at 11-18 year-olds, they bring young people to the Oakwood Youth Challenge in Wokingham, where they provide structured workshops, interactive talk-spaces and a number of unusual and quirky activities and challenged, to promote, teamwork, health and wellbeing.

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It’s simple. Your job is to hunt down your target within the given time frame.

If your target evades capture, there will be catastrophic consequences to your weekend.

This incredible and unique experience is like nothing we have done before. Using the latest technology, social media and intelligence, your team will seek to track down your target who could be anywhere in the country!

Intrigued? Sign up today.

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It’s our fifth birthday and we are celebrating!

HUNTED is our theme, exploring the ideas of identity, manhood, womanhood and the pressures facing young people today. Through active debates, structured talk shows, high impact activities and intentional times of reflection, the young people will have the opportunity to consider their position in their family, faith and society.

So come and join us with your youth group! Spaces are limited on this incredible weekend (plus one day of course!) Sign up today!


Please complete the Registration and Consent Form to reserve your place at the Impact Youth Retreat 2019. For more information contact Adlyn on 07946 371 535 or email

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Sunday 11th August 2019: 2pm - 5pm

Venue: Hunted HQ. [St. Jude’s Centre - SE1 6EZ]

Teams are formed and the hunt begins.

Friday 16th August 2019: 5pm

Arrive at the Site of interest: [Oakwood Youth Challenge - RG40 3DA]

A range of high impact activities, talks and reflection.

Overnight stay.

Saturday 17th August 2019: All Day

More high intensity activities, workshops and talk shows. Plus our annual BBQ!

Overnight stay.

Sunday 18th August 2019: Half Day

Wrapping up the case, finalising the details.

Team activities and individual presentations.

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